God`s Eternal Purpose, Wim Wiggers.

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“If you do not know your goal you will not find the way” says a proverb. When God created man after His image, it was actually His intention to express his thoughts in a visible form. This was the goal before Him. He made a dwelling place for Himself: a living “temple”. The Holy Spirit dwelt in man, and yet man was a free being. The relation between God and man is based upon cooperation. But upon man always remains the responsibility to render account. It is not a relationship of two persons at the same level. It is the being together in a living house with its resident - God’s Eternal Purpose.

God’s Eternal Purpose was revealed in Jesus who came to this earth to be the Saviour of mankind

Now Jesus is the High Priest of the sanctuary in heaven and the Mediator of the new covenant. But that office will cease before His second advent. When He comes He will be coming as KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS. Take good care not to miss such a marvelous event.

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